Pedro Pascal Hits It Big With Wonder Woman


Last night I celebrated some great news with my dear friend Pedro Pascal, whom I’ve known since I was sixteen.  He just booked a series regular role on the new t.v. series re-boot of Wonder Woman and we went to see our friend, Sunah Bilsted’s amazing stand-up set at Room 5 above Amalfi’s in Hollywood.  It was a great night to see old friends and we all shared in his celebration.

It’s funny how in this business people like to think that someone has had overnight success.  I think the truth is, for many people “overnight” equates to years and years of training, studying, working, and overall busting your ass.  Pedro went to the NYU Tisch program when I went to UCLA, and from there he stayed mostly in New York doing off-Broadway plays and regional theater across the nation getting paid pennies on the dollar of what he deserved.  (Every actor knows that unless you’re a huge star, there’s no money in theater).  Nevertheless, he remained truthful to his passion and even when Hollywood beckoned (as did I) for him to move to L.A. and work in t.v. and film where you could actually pay your bills, he decided to stick with his gut and do theater and NY television.  Finally he found his way back here this year for pilot season and beat out thousands upon thousands of hopefuls for a job on a t.v. show after having a landmark year of guest spots on t.v. and small parts in films (catch him in The Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon out today).

I’m absolutely thrilled to have him back in L.A.  I totally understand his undying love for New York, but I also know that L.A. is the place for him to be working.  He can always keep his New York pad, but for now he’ll have to er, tough it up and live in sunny L.A.  When someone so close to you has such major success it feels like your success too.  I’m so thrilled for him and I know that this is only one landmark in what will be a most fantastic career.

(By the way, you can also catch Pedro in “I Am That Girl“- buy it today!)

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03 2011

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  1. minja #

    Hi Pedro,

    Wishing you all the best for your new t.v. series.
    Look forward to seeing you on the screen, and,
    Welcome Back to Sunny SOCAL!!



    To my dear daughter, Grace, who is incredibly creative and talented, and who has a beautiful heart with passionate vision and dreams,


    mom, with all my love

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